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What to do in Hana Festa Memorial Park?

What to do in Hana Festa Memorial Park?

Flower Festival Commemorative Park is home to 30,000 rose bushes in 7,000 varieties.  The World Rose Garden displays different shapes, colors and fragrances of roses from England, France, the United States and Japan. Also seen are rare Antique Rose varieties and the popular English Rose Collection. Majority of roses are in bloom from late May to early June while the autumn varieties from late October to early November.

My friends and I got to visit this beautiful place during its flower festival. Gorgeous blooms spread all over this massive land in Kani, Japan. They’ve divided the area into various themes. Entrance for adults 

This vicinity also have a greenhouse called World House Greenhouse, where photoshoot for weddings can be held. Maximizing the space to showcase the different floral species was truly breathtaking. It is also an observatory with an amazing view of its surroundings. 

The Rose Theme Gardens offers various themes throughout the compound. Luckily we were able to see six out of seventeen segments.

Friendship garden (The friendship with The Royal National Rose Society inspired this British-style garden)

Formal Garden (Largest garden in mosaic arrangement.)

Plant Breeder's Rose Garden (World rose breeder companies sort rose displays.)

White Rose Garden (White rose canopies and circular trellises of flowering plants.)

Terasse Garden (Terraced slope of stereoscopic rose garden)

Old Rose Garden (Displays old rose varieties with unique scents and shapes.)

Royal Rose Garden (Rose collection of the world's royal families especially the British Royal family and Japanese Imperial household.)

Moroccan Royal Rose Garden (A huge gate opens to water passage decorated with traditional Moroccan blue tiles and Moroccan roses.)

Garden of Water and Roses (Exotic roses from Rosa Persica with Japanese plants and original and hybrid rose varieties)

Arabian Nights Rose Garden (Inspired by rosa persica.) 

Competition Garden (Main site of "Gifu International Rose Competition" and its gold- prized varieties.)

Rose Cascade Garden (Motif of medieval Italian "cascata" also known as artificial water.)

Garden of Scents (Scent is one of the essential charms of a rose.)

Blue Rose Garden (Shows history of "blue rose".)

Anne's Rose Garden (Created in memory of famous diarist Anne Frank.)
New Roses Garden (Selection of new rose varieties added to this garden every year.)

Josephine's Rose Garden (Rose collection of Josephine, Napoleon's first wife.)

It was cloudy that day and wish it was sunnier. We still enjoyed these picturesque flowers nonetheless. My friend and I are planning to go back next year. We had to go back for the rest of the themed area and marvel at the feat this park has accomplished. They've showcased the beauty these flowers. 

Poppy spring walkway.
Another thing you can do is to visit them during weekends they food trucks and stalls at Princess Hall Miyabi. Where they also have events every month. 

Ready your best summer outfit for those OOTD shots.

Hana Festa Memorial Park
1584-1 Seta, Kani-shi, Gifu 509-0213, JAPAN
TUESDAY - Closed

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