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5 Things I Like about Gifu Castle

5 Things I Like about Gifu Castle

I haven’t truly explored Gifu and one of the few places on my list is Gifu Castle. I had free time during my Golden Week vacation to explore this mesmerizing castle. Luckily one of my close friends flew in from Philippines to spend my day 329 meters up in the mountain of Mount Kinkazan.

Gifu Castle, first built as a fortress atop Mt. Kinka in 1201, is a popular symbol of Gifu City. In 1567, ODA Nobunaga, a famous general in Sengoku period became its master changing the area's name from "Inokuchi" to "Gifu" and from "Inabayama Castle" to "Gifu Castle". His empire unified the nation with fresh ideas and unique politics. In 1600, Hidenobu, Nobunaga's grandson lost the castle in the Battle of Sekigahara resulting in over 250 years of Edo Shogunate rule. In 1956, the present three-story and four-floor castle was rebuilt with ferroconcrete construction with an exhibition hall and observation gallery on its top floor showcasing Nagara River below against a backdrop of mountain ranges with Ise Bay to the south. 

Photo grabbed from Gifu City site.

To get to the castle, we took the City Loop Bus which cost ¥210 per person. The bus stop we took was near Don Quijote, Platform 6. Check out the Google Maps pin below.

There are two ways to go up the castle: ropeway or an hour or two (depending on your pace) hike through their designated trail. 

Ropeway rates:
  • Adults (12 yrs & above) 
One way ¥620 - Round trip ¥1080 

  • Children (4-11 yrs)
One way ¥540 - Round trip ¥280

Here are the things I liked about the place:
1) Awesome 360 view of the Gifu through Gifu Castle Tower. We went inside the castle itself that was turned into a museum. They've displayed artifacts during that era with historical background of the emperors who ruled throughout its time. It had a viewing deck too to fully enjoy the mesmerizing scenery. 

Entrance is ¥200 for adults and ¥100 for children. 

There are floors of artifacts and history background of the castle along with its rulers. 

Veranda with a spectacular view.

2) Ropeway ride was just gorgeous. Overlooking Mt Kinkaza and the rest of the surrounding area. Spring time was just great for a greenery view.

Heading down from the top.

Squirrel Village is also found there. You'll get to feed squirrels and it was an interesting experience since I haven't seen one up close. I got to feed one of them too. Entrance fee is ¥200, they'll lend you a glove and give you squirrel food. It's near the ropeway down to base site.

I got to feed one. Yay! (Middle photo)

There's also a rabbit section too. 

4) Hungry? They also sell food. There is always room for delicious Japanese food. 

Got to try their age-mochi in sweet soy sauce. 😋

5) Toilet with a beautiful view. Bathroom goals! Washing your hands at the same time appreciating the landscape. 

During summer from June to August, opening hours are extended to nighttime with dramatic illumination every night from sunset to 10 p.m. I would probably check it out this year and also try their hike trail for a change. 

If you are in Gifu or will pass by Gifu don't forget to visit this place. At the bottom of the hill, you can also visit Gifu City Museum of History and Nawa Insect Museum while you are at it. 


Gifu Castle
18 Tenshukaku, Kinkasan, Gifu
Monday-Sunday 9:00AM-5:30PM

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