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How Many Strawberries Can you Eat?

How Many Strawberries Can you Eat?

Looking for something sweet and fun to do with your family and friends? Why not do some strawberry picking? 

My friends from Gifu, invited me to pick strawberries at a farm in Tashirochō, Aichi. It is 25 minutes away from Chubu Centrair International Airport. From Gifu, which we came from it took us 2 hours by car. It's ideal to have a car to get there since there are limited public transportation in the area and it's in the middle of fields and farming neighborhood.

Their parking area was huge that can fit unto 100 cars. They have different sectors where customers are assigned to pick strawberries. First you need to go to their reception area for instructions on which sector your group is assigned to and also container for rubbish and mini cup of condensed milk. 

Once you've done the intro talk with the staff, you'll go straight to the designated greenhouse. Then give the assignment card to personnel at that area which they will lead you to your selected row. 

You're given one hour to eat as many strawberries as you can. I went to the supermarket before going to this place to tally how much should I eat to maximize my time. 9 huge pieces cost around ¥598, we paid ¥1,300 each (off peak) so eating a minimum of 30 strawberries was my goal. I ended up eating 102 strawberries 🀣

I tried all sizes, shapes and colors. Their strawberries were juicy and plump, all we needed was a bottle of wine to complete the whole experience. I really like their milky condensed milk made for strawberries. It wasn't too sweet so it wasn't overwhelming on my tastebuds. 

First half of what I ate.
It was surprisingly filling (like duh cause I ate a lot for one person to handle 🀣). 

When you've finished your time. Head back to the registration area to claim your omiyage: a bag of freshly picked strawberries. 

You can also purchase their products like strawberry jam and baked goods. They also sell condensed milk good just in case you couldn't wait to eat it with your omiyage. 


April 11 to May 5 is their off peak season which is ¥400 less. It was a good idea to do it during weekdays too so it wouldn't be too crowded. 

Don't forget to make a reservation by calling their landline. 

It was really a nice way to enjoy and spend time with good company plus you can't go wrong with mouthwatering fresh strawberries in your belly. 


Ichino Horticulture
〒475-0948 Aichi, Handa, Tashirochō, 156-1 は
Monday-Sunday 9:00AM-4:30PM


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