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Tsuta Ramen's Newest Bowl

Tsuta Ramen's Newest Bowl

Master Chef Onishi Yuki opened Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta in January 2012 in Sugamo, Tokyo on the promise that ramen is the noodles Japan can boast to the world. It was granted One Michelin-Starred in 2015. The truffle oil blended Shoyu Soba is the signature ramen.

The soup is composed of various ingredients such as asari clams, whole chicken, seafood, herbs cooked thoroughly under strict temperature control, no MSG added because the stock brings out the “umami” (good taste). Tsuta is known for their broth which is cooked for 5 hours resulting to a light and rich soup. 

They make their own noodle in-store.
The noodles, a mixture of several kinds of wheat flour produced by the restaurant. Onishi believes that ingredients should be made by the restaurant for customers’ food-safety and food-security.

It is my first time visiting this restaurant and looked forward to tasting their food. One of the few things I learned when I visited Japan, different region cater to their own kind of broth. Some with have a lighter broth and other will have a bolder and thicker broth. Depending of where you are in Japan they'll offer their regional preferred ramen style. I heard 

Started off with Gyoza (Php 220) and Karaage (Php 220).  I love how crispy the exterior of their gyoza and have a tender and juicy meat in the middle. Their karaage was perfectly seasoned not too bland nor too salty. 

Their latest ramen is Chicken Teriyaki Soba (Php 390). The thickest and creamiest broth among their ramen. Using Chicken Teriyaki gave it a balance of savory and sweet broth. Topped with kikurage (sliced mushrooms), chopped onions, baby leaves and sweet corn - interesting robust flavors in a bowl. 

We ended our meal with Tsuta's Matcha Bravado (Php 90). It is the only dessert available on their menu. Intense matcha pudding flavor in a small serving of glass bowl which was beautifully presented. 

I would love to try their Shoyu ramen next time since it's their signature dish plus I enjoyed the idea of freshly made noodles which a difference with quality of ramen. 

Tsuta Ramen
C3, 7th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 625 4678
Monday-Sunday 11:30PM -10:00PM

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