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Costa Coffee's Latest Pairing

Costa Coffee's Latest Pairing

1971 marked a momentous event in London with the birth of Costa Coffee. Brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa created and first sold coffee to local caterers and delicatessens and later opened their first coffee shop which now became one of the largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain in UK. In 1999 their first international store at The Aviation Club, Dubai UAE opened. Now 79 stores are operating in the Emirates. Costa coffee still slow-roast their beans in exactly the same way and in the same roasters as Sergio did 40 years ago. And they vow to continue this method for coffee lovers worldwide.

They opened their first ever branch in the Philippines at Eastwood, Libis. Today, Costa Coffee has 18 branches all over Metro Manila. They aimed to provide consumers the same experience they’ll have in UK by bringing the same designs and furniture found in London shops. Using the same ingredients and tools to create their coffee masterpieces.

Flat White
Costa Coffee is on my top 3 2nd wave coffee chain list. It never fails that their brew can do the job and has the right amount of caffeine to keep me awake. I personally love their Flat White and Cappuccino so I was thrilled to get invited to try their new cold brew flavors and latest dessert that will be available until 1st week of November.

Wafflewich: Choco Banana, Cream Cheese and Berry Butter

Get these jam & honey for Php 15.
Wafflewich is their latest dessert which includes three delicious flavors: Choco Banana, Cream Cheese and Berry Butter for Php 150 each. I fell in love with their cream cheese variant. This perfectly paired with the refreshing Cold Brew drinks. Coffee ground steeped for 24 hours to get the essence of the beans. 

  • Cold Brew Black (Php 140)
  • Cold Brew White (Php 160)
  • Cold Brew Vanilla (Php 160)
  • Cold Brew Caramel (Php 160)
  • Cold Brew Mojito (Php 160)
  • Cold Brew with Whipped Milk (Php 170)
  • Ice Shaken Flat White with Whipped Milk (Php 180)
I really enjoyed anything with milk. I liked their Cold Brew White or with Whipped Milk and Ice Shaken Flat White with Whipped Milk. I prefer my coffee milky more than sweet tasting cup of joe. I was also surprised in how exhilarating their Cold Brew Mojito was. It is virgin mojito so you won't get tipsy in the middle of the morning. 🤣

(T-B) Cold Brew Black, Cold Brew White, Cold Brew with Whipped Milk and Cold Brew Mojito

We were blessed to have their 2017 Barista of the Year (held in London), Gwen Gabay. She brought the honor to our country for winning Costa Coffee Specialty Challenge and created Rose Spiced Latte. It was described that the brew tasted like "love". A pretty impressive flavor if you ask me. 

Master Barista, Gwen Gabay mixing our cold brew drinks.

Save more by getting their Wafflewich combo deal. You'll get a glass of Cold Brew Black with your preferred Wafflewich flavor for only Php 250.

I would certainly come back for their Wafflewich Cream Cheese, Cold Brew with milk mix and of course their Flat White or Cappuccino. Also, if you want to have your wafflewich warm request for it to be served warm. 

Costa Coffee
Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City
+6323747047 or +6323516618
Monday-Thursday 7:00AM-11:00PM
Friday 7:00AM-12:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM-12:00PM 
Sunday 8:00AM-11:00PM

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