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A Union of Flavors from Pepper Tree

A Union of Flavors from Pepper Tree

For those who are close to me, they know how much I dislike spicy food. I have the most sensitive tastebuds according to my boyfriend. I could immediately tell if there's some fiery kick in a dish and due to my low tolerance I stay away from certain types of cuisine that are known for serving those kinds of dishes.

Designed by Hiro's wife.

But of course, I still have an adventurous side that is willing to try those food out despite my apprehension to intensely hot flavors. When I heard about this new Indian-Filipino restaurant, it caught my attention. Local dishes infused with Indian spices and recipes, who wouldn't be curious about that.

I met Hiro and Rhea who are business partners of this gastronomic venture located at The Pop Up along Katipunan corner Xavierville Avenue. Traffic was a bit horrendous though, but my visit was worth it cause I got to eat something authentic and soul-satisfying. Hiro mentioned that he hand-pick all of the spices (mostly from India) they use for their entrĂ©es. They are planning to sell these products in the future. So make sure to follow their social media accounts for updates. 

My Lola's Pork Curry (Php 188)
If you want some spicy kick, you got to have this one! It is tolerable at some point, the spiciness wasn't as painful that you could still feel the texture of pork in your mouth. But I could only eat a few bites but I'm sure spicy lovers will enjoy this dish.

Roti (Single Php 25, Double Php 45)
PRO Tip order this whenever you order dishes with sauce in it. Yum! Good snack too.

Beef Keema (Php 198)
I tasted the authenticity of how beef keema should be. It was so flavorsome that I could count the number of restaurants that serves great Middle Eastern/Indian food and Pepper Tree is one of them.

Chicken Poppers (Php 119)
With a hint of zesty curry leave this golden brown perfection of chicken strips were just lovely to munch on. I would obviously pair it with alcoholic drinks (pica pica time). 

Chicken Tikka Masala (Php 268)
Burst of flavors! Every bite I took, brought me to a place I now want to visit. I just love their Chicken Tikka Masala. It wasn't spicy at all but it had the tanginess thanks to garam masala. Chicken was tender too. đŸ¤¤

As for their drinks my alcoholic self got really excited when I found out by their shots promo. Here in Manila, it is either you get a shot or a whole bottle of liquor. Luckily, Hiro brought his Indian custom in the Philippines where restaurants offer a middle ground when it comes to serving alcoholic drinks. 5 shots at a significantly lower price compared to a single shot. They call it High 5

For example, a single shot of Johnnie Walker Black Label costs Php165 multiply that by 5 so it equals to Php825. But when you order High 5 of Black Label, it is just Php555. So you save Php270 and technically getting a shot and a half free. YAHOO! Another reason to go back to this restaurant. 

I enjoyed talking to Hiro and meeting their staff who works hard on making this happen. You can really tell how passionate they are in perfecting every little detail in the restaurant. From the recipes to the plates they use to serve their remarkable dishes. I would definitely come back for Chicken Tikka Masala and Beef Keema. Prices for their food are absolutely competitive without compromising the quality. Plus have drinks too! I give them my sulit approval for High 5 choices. 


Pepper Tree
The Pop-Up Katipunan, 273 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
+63 9175877433
+63 9471954736
Monday-Sunday 5PM-Onwards (they will change it later on)

Pepper Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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