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Due to the terrible traffic and the stress of overcrowded malls. I lately opt to do my shopping online. Since you can find anything and everything on the net I practically buy what I need then just wait for it to be delivered. The best part too is I don't have to spend my precious time on the road. 

I stumbled upon this website that caught my attention. 

Karton created this medium for local entrepreneurs to reach a bigger consumer platform in the Philippines. They aim to provide buyers a worry free option to purchase local goods in one digital space. Karton's wide collection of artisanal and handcrafted products from food to home items you will certainly love. Best part - it is delivered to your doorstep. They deliver anywhere in Metro Manila.

I believe in supporting local products and having this online shop will make it easier for us buy these goods.

Some of the companies they cater: 

Auro ChocolateSambal Raja RasaMisisMcooks
Artie's Cookie Dough DropsGermano's ChiliCesario's
Mad About HerbsMitza's Good EatsSantriz Ph Co.
Chili Chili Bang BangGMCS FarmsClay Pot
Native GourmetSusmaryosep7 Grains Pantry
Eulo'sPablo Flavored HeatPaintings by Pet Raymond

So here's my experience..

I chose a few items from their lists.

Like this Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Drops from Artie's Cookie Dough Drops.

Checked out the items. You are not required to create an account. Just fill in the information for delivery and payment.

You can verify and double check the items before proceeding to finalizing your order.

Cash payment for now. As per the site and SMS I got, expect delivery within 3-5 days depending on the suppliers stock availability. 

Received a message from Karton to verify my order.

They'll inform you if some of the items are not yet available. Since you paid their fixed rate shipping fee of Php 150. They plan to collect all the items and deliver it once. 

But there was another cause for delay, which I don't mind at all. It is one of those unforeseen circumstances.  

I wasn't able to personally meet with the driver. It was delivered like this: 

Packages were relatively intact. 

Cookies from The Earthchild's Over

Cookie drops from Artie's Cookie Dough Drops
Black Magic Cake Baking Kit from Flour Plan
Walnut Sourdough from Tilde Cafe
Siopete Mini Siopao from Gourmet Cravings
Auro Chocolates
Tuguegarao Longganisa from Cesario's
Here's my verdict:


  • Support local products. They created a way to have local supplies reach more consumers. 
  • They update you with your order and keep you posted with item's ETD. 
  • Site is user friendly.
  • Items are categories for easier search of available items.
  • It is not a requirement to create an account.


  • They only have COD. Make sure you have someone at home who can sign on your behalf in case you're not available.
  • SMS response takes more than a day. 
  • Delay with the delivery. Make sure to allot at least a week for your preferred date. (* I do advise if you have a specific time you'd wish to have an item delivered to your house make sure to order it a week ahead. Since they don't have the same day delivery for some of the sellers need some time to prepare your order.)
  • Packaging wasn't as well presented. They used the sellers' paper bags which could have been delivered in a nicer way like a bigger box or eco bag with the company's logo.  
Despite the delay for the delivery of the items. I find this website a great way to purchase local products and have it delivered to my house. I was really happy with the condition of the items and it retained its freshness too. I highly recommend this for people who also enjoys supporting local entrepreneurs and also a good way for them to reach a bigger market. 

Check out their site today cause you might like what they have to offer.

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