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ABV x Nonie's Boozy Brunch Series

ABV x Nonie's Boozy Brunch Series

I'm at that age where I personally couldn't stay up all night and party. I don't have the energy to dance and drink till the break of dawn. I appreciate staying home at night during my free days off and enjoy the comfort of my bed. But I certainly enjoy one thing during weekends, waking up late a little late in the morning to have brunch instead of breakfast.

Since Boracay is undergoing rehabilitation, I was ecstatic to find out that Boracay's popular restaurant - Nonie's is having a pop-up brunch at ABV (Alcohol by Volume) along Jupiter street. 

Last July 7, 2018, we got a preview of their Boozy Brunch Series which will formally start tomorrow (July 14, 2018) and every Saturday this July. We met the lovely couple behind the #1 restaurant in Boracay (according to TripAdvisor), Patrick Florencio and Shria Florencio. They gladly answered our questions regarding their food, sustainable philosophy and how they treat their staff as part of their family. * They flew them in from Boracay to Manila so they would still have work despite the temporary shutdown of the island. ♡ *

Sharing some the questions I asked and Shria's answers:

1) When did Nonie’s restaurant started?

"My husband and I opened Nonie's on February 14, 2017."

2) Reason for Boracay as your first location.

"We chose Boracay as we were living in Singapore for 5 years beforehand and my mum in-law (Nonie) and father-in-law (who are Filipino) bought a retirement home in Boracay, so while my husband and I were based in SG we would visit frequently and fell in love with the beach and noticed a lack of healthy options."

3) What inspired the cuisine you serve at the restaurant?

"We wanted create something that had social impact, and help support local farmers and other local social businesses (like our coffee/aldai/rice/tea suppliers) and we knew we wanted to create food from scratch that was locally inspired but with a Melbourne cafe twist (I lived in Australia and NZ and my husband in Filipino Canadian) and that is where the concept came from."

4) Future plans: Other locations? New dishes?

"Future plans! Great question :) Most immediate would be reopening Boracay and stabilizing again, then potentially another tourist destination in PH but nothing set in stone."

So let's go back to their Boozy Brunch Series..

This includes 3-course set meal (Php 1,300) from Nonie's hearty menu and 1 cocktail skillfully prepared by Diageo World Class Philippines Bartender of the year (2018), Lester Lingon. If you want to make more special, take advantage of their unlimited prosecco for Php 800. Again, starting tomorrow (July 14) then July 21 and July 28 from 11am to 3pm

Lester Lingon
Morning Glory Fizz
Blended scotch (my poison of choice), absinth, fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, egg white. and sugar. 

You can choose from their selection of Entrée, Mains, Desserts and of course Cocktail.

My foodie friend (JP aka ChubbyPeroHappy) and I decided to share our food so we could try two dishes at a time. The most efficient way of eating out and get to try/taste as much as you can 🤣


Tofu Salad
Grilled tofu, apple, seasonal greens, toasted chickpeas and calamansi dressing. We were surprised that the tofu tasted a bit meaty. 

Sticky Pork Ribs
Slow cooked, sticky pork ribs (marinated in local spices and pineapple juice). 


Pineapple Pandan Pancakes
Three fluffy pandan pancakes topped with toasted cashews, braised pineapple and drizzled coconut dulce de leche sauce. There's a vegan version, just tell the servers when you order. 

Nonie's BBQ Pork Grain Bowl
Marinated BBQ pork skewers, candied garlic, soft boiled egg with sautéed greens in coconut milk and barley.


Strawberry Cashew 
Cashew flour cake topped with cacao nibs, orange zest, strawberry slices and lemongrass sauce. 

Kesong Puti Cheesecake
Local buffalo cheese topped with cacao nibs, caramelized coconut meat and cashew bits for its base.

I highly recommend this Boozy Brunch to my fellow Titos and Titas. Delicious food, amazing cocktails with great company too. It was pretty hard to decide which food was best because everything had their own scrumptious appeal. I went for mostly meat dishes cause I love my meat. 

You'd first think that you wouldn't be full after this but we were dead wrong. After all, they used healthier ingredients that tender to make you instantly full like barley and aldai. Not to mention packed with nutrients so we weren't as guilty after devouring each dish. Make sure to reserve for a slot this Saturday!

Thank you ABV, Nonie's and JP for having me that day. 

ABV (Alcohol by Volume)
Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati

ABV Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Nonie's Restaurant
Station X, Hue Hotels & Resorts, Main Road, Station 2, Boracay

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