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Savor Asian Spices at Skewered

Savor Asian Spices at Skewered

I live in Quezon City and Alabang for me is considered as long destination that I rarely go for. But I got curious when I saw their menu and decided to visit this restaurant. Plus I found out it is the same area where Decathlon is located. It was my first time at Festival Mall and was dumbfounded by how massive this place is. We actually got lost finding this place since it was apparently located at the new wing of Festival Mall called Water Garden. It’s the same wing where Landmark and Gerry's are situated. They don’t have a signage yet, but they’ll put one up soon.

Opened last March 17, 2018 and they’ve been building their clientele of customers who’ll enjoy their dishes with a mix of Asian flavors from Thailand to Korean inspired recipes. Their main inspiration is the cultural influences from different Asian countries on how they use different spices that are readily available in their respective local markets. They infused these essence and savoriness to their own savory dishes.

Labeled dishes and cups

What I love about this restaurant is they use reusable everything from straws (they use metal straws) to chopstick (metal too). I truly admire establishments that think about the repercussions of plastic straws or disposable utensils. Hope that more other restaurants will do the same thing to help the environment.

We got to try some of their recommended dishes.


Crispy Chicken Tenders (Php 299)
Golden brown chicken tenders with 3 kinds of sauce. 

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Php 299) 
I got used to peanut sauce for fresh spring rolls unfortunately they don't have that but they've concocted 3 flavorful sauces to match with their spring rolls. 

Asian Slaw (Php 199) - Mango Kani Salad (Php 299)

Their own take on Asian salads and created their own salad. They've used ingredients like ebiko, edamame and Chinese cabbage just to name a few. 

Variety of skewers from meat to veggies.
They offer 5 kinds of chicken skewers (Php 39 to Php 99), 3 kinds of lamb skewers (Php 119 to Php 399), 2 kinds of seafood skewers (Php 119 and Php 129), 4 kinds of pork skewers (Php 69 to Php 104), 2 kinds of bacon-wrapped skewers (Php 119 each) and 3 kinds of vegetables skewers (Php 49 each). 

They also have different flavors of sauces to choose from. Choose 3 for Php 39 or Php 15 each:
  • Hot Sauce (Spicy)
  • Salted Egg (Salty)
  • Satay Sauce (Cream & Sweet)
  • Lemongrass (Sour)
  • Yakitori (Sweet)
I really enjoyed their bacon-wrapped enoki (Php 49), Japanese pork belly (Php 109) and Korean Galbi (Php 119).

Check out this Flame Torched Beef Salpicao (Php 399)

Phad Thai (Php 349)
Beautifully presentation and tasted great too.

Skewered's Signature Fried Rice (Php 279) - Sweet Sausage Fried Rice (Php 279)

Serving size was sharing and can feed 2-3 people. We all love their fried rice cause it can be already a meal on its own cause it had meat bits and veggies. I personal liked their Signature Fried Rice it was mixed with char sui! I Love it!


Skewered’s goal is to make their cocktails potent and you wouldn’t feel as if they are cutting down on alcohol. You can taste right away the liquor when you take a sip of their drinks. Don’t fret if you don’t feel like drinking too much. They have single and double choice for every cocktail drink. Unfortunately I’m really not a fan of cocktails, I’m a whiskey-bourbon on the rocks kind-of-girl but if I were to chose I liked their Fog Cutter among the six we tried.

Flaming Zombie (Php 329)
Topped with mint leaves, dark rum, 150 proof rum, Pernot, Curacao, Grenadine, fresh orange juice and fresh calamansi juice
Chief Lapu-Lapu (Php 249)
Topped with lime & cherry, dark rum, light rum, fresh calamansi juice, fresh orange juice and mango purée
Tiki Punch (Php 229)
Topped with pineapple & 2 cherries, dark rum, light rum, fresh orange juice, fresh calamansi juice and pineapple
Queen of Laguna Bay (Php 199)
Topped with pineapple & cherry, white rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice
Fog Cutter (Php 299)
Light rum, brandy, gin, fresh orange juice and fresh calamansi juice

They also offer Group/Barkada meals, Php 1,599 to Php 4,699. These set meals are good for 3-4 pax or 8-10 pax. They also have Single set meals like Combo m-A-nok (Php 389), Combo ba-B-boy (Php 409) and Combo sze-C-huan (Php 399).

A great place to dine with family and friends since they have several dishes that can satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Affordable dishes that are great for any budget too along with a relaxing ambiance and friendly smiles from their servers.

They’ll be adding credit card payment option soon. That’s good news for card holders like myself.

Skewered by Phatchick
Ground Floor, Expansion Wing (Water Garden), Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(02) 821 6745
Monday-Sunday 10:00AM-10:00PM

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