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Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter Available in the Philppines

Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter Available in the Philppines
It all started almost 5 year, Fix+Fogg was conceptualized by a couple of lawyers. Roman and Andrea Jewell left their previous jobs and started a company built with love and passion for something that will better the city of Wellington. They created their own handcrafted peanut butter in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

What makes their company more interesting is they give back to the environment. They've made their business sustainable by delivering their products through cargo bike within CBD in New Zealand. For every jar that has been returned to their factory, them make a 20c contribution to the Free Store, who provides food for those in need in Wellington eateries. 

I was excited to get to try 2 out of 4 products available in Manila. I've indicated below where you can purchase these bottles. 

Classic: Smooth and Super Crunchy
Special: Dark Chocolate and Smoke and Fire

Talk about peanut on peanut butter goodness. They didn't joke about making it crunchy cause they've added more peanut chunks and bits in every bottle. 

Made with a dash or two of organic Marlborough Sea Salt and 62% dark chocolate. I saw a recipe from their site that you can add banana or you can put on top of ice cream. The consistency isn't as thick so I will try to make a smoothie next time. 

Click here if you want to check out their other recipes you can do at home.

I also got to ask a few questions about their products and company. 

1) What is the story behind the company’s name, Fix & Fogg?

"Roman, was reading Around the World in 80 Days, and named the company after two of the characters, Detective Fix and Phileas Fogg."

2) Are the ingredients sourced locally (in New Zealand)?

"We source Argentinian peanuts from the Lorenzati family, who grow hi-oliec peanuts of the runner variety on their family run farm in Cordoba. In all of our peanut butters we use New Zealand Marlborough sea salt, and in our flavoured varieties we use locally sourced New Zealand ingredients, such as Whittaker's 62% dark chocolate, organic chillies from Kaitia, Northland, natural Manuka smoke and J.Friend & Co. Beechwood honey to name a few."

3) What inspired the different variants for peanut butter? 

"Our flavoured peanut butters were inspired by flavours that pair well with peanut butter - for example, you can't go wrong with the flavour combination of chocolate and peanut butter! We also love using local New Zealand ingredients such as Beechwood honey, apples and organic chillies."

4) Are you planning to expand on selling another item besides peanut butter? 

"We have some exciting new products on the horizon - you can sign up to our newsletter on our website to be the first to hear."

5) What made you choose the Philippines to distribute your products?

"Sending Fix & Fogg to the Philippines has been a long dream of ours - a two and a half year dream to be precise - but we are finally here! We first visited Manila in November 2015 with the Asia New Zealand Foundation and fell in love with the vibrancy of Manila, the beauty of Marinduque Island, and the warmth and hospitality of Filipinos."

6) Lastly, any greeting or well wishes you have for us Filipinos?

"We hope you love our peanut butter as much as we do! We love our Filipino peanut butter fans, your support means the world to us! We love hearing from our supporters and have set up our own dedicated Philippines Facebook Page, so we can better keep in touch."
- Fix & Fogg Team

You can purchase these gourmet peanut butter through these selected stores:
Earth Origins Marketplace 
All 4 Location

All Day Supermarket
10 Locations

Cartel Deli
119 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati

Power Plant Market
Rockwell Center, Rockwell Drive Cor. Estrella Street, Makati

Or you can order online which delivers anywhere in the Philippines:
The Green Grocer
Beauty MNL

For more information, visit their website, and look under the 'Shop' section.

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