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Denlim's Kitchen

Denlim's Kitchen

It's my friends combined birthday celebration last month and they celebrated at Denlim's Kitchen. Getting a reservation was pretty difficult because all weekends were fully booked which was their original plan. Good thing there was an opening on a Monday which they took the opportunity. My friend Gia already visited this place twice already with her family so she wanted for us to experience it too. She mentioned that she had difficulty reaching the last savory dish which was a special dish (you'll find out later). It was a nine course meal and we all accepted the challenge. 

This is where the magic happens.
Homey and eclectic vibe exudes in the pieces found in the restaurant. 

Dennis Lim loves to cook and he taught himself how create delectable dishes. He thinks of his own dishes that were either inspired by something he ate before or creating a totally new one. He creates his own recipes for every dish he maHe started Denlim's Kitchen back in 2012.

Dennis Lim the man behind Denlim's Kitchen.

Here are the dishes he prepared:

Bread and Spread
Freshly baked bread with olive oil mix spread. We were all hungry preparing for this meal so we had to resist filling ourselves with it. But of course, my love for anything made out of dough let alone fresh from the oven. 

Mushrooms and Mozzarella
Enoki and cremini mushroom sautéed in his special sauce then topped with mozzarella that was torched until completely melted. The egg was nice gooey touch for this dish.

Oriental Cashew Salad
A simple refreshing salad with sesame dressing. He added corn flakes for additional crunch. This helped loosen our bowls the day after.

Bigboy’s Shrimp
He used prawns sautéed in scallions and olive oil. He then roasted cloves of garlic in a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil and salt. I had to admit I liked how soft the garlic was and taking a bite with shrimp. 

Broiled Salmon and Asparagus
Grilled salmon then caramelized on top. He likes to mix texture and flavors to his dishes to make them distinct from one another. I could eat a whole slab if I didn't have to make room for the next meal.

Pasta Corrito
I personally mentioned that I won't eat too much pasta since we still had another 2 more dishes after it. But lo and behold it was delicious he, used red wine for it's sauce and other spices to give it's flavor. He cooked the pasta in that said sauce so it penetrated the noodles itself. The wine sauce reduction helped bring out the flavors of the seafood too. Just a wonderful surprise for a dish I was suppose to eat in small portions. Yet I had a handful of it. 

Caveman’s Shank
My favorite dish during that night. The shank was boiled for more than 16 hours so once you cut through it, you'll see it fall off the bone. DIVINE I'm telling you. 

Pugon Liempo Wrap
By this time, I was ready to explode thanks to the 7 dishes we had before this. There is a was to enjoy this dish which was demonstrated by Dennis Lim. 

Queso de bola Cheesecake
Great way to end every meal. It wasn't too sweet with queso de bola shavings on top of cheesecake.

Thank you to my good friend Gia, for making me a part of this belly buster experience and to Dennis Lim for the mouthwatering food. 

They do sell beer, wine and soda just in case you forgot to buy one before heading over the establishment. 

Dennis Lim will prepare the menu for you but the Pugon Liempo wrap will be a constant dish on his spread. You can give a request if you are family with his menu but he tends to change his menu every so often. You'll probably get a different set from what we experienced. 

It's Php 1,700 per person. A minimum of 12 individuals are accepted and having said that there are no mixing of crowds. It's one group at a time. Make sure to reserve at least 3 months ahead since they get fully booked easily.

OVERALL: A private dinner with your friends and family with great food. What more can you ask for. I highly recommend this experience since you'll get to see Dennis Lim cook for you and you'll smell the different aromas of his dishes. Plus the preparation for each food was just a feast for all of your senses. 

Denlim's Kitchen
Somewhere in San Fernando, Pampanga
Mobile: +63 917 528-2520

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