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BOHOL 2018: Danao Adventure Park

BOHOL 2018: Danao Adventure Park
E.A.T. Danao, a tourism concept where a town of Danao's verdant valleys framed by majestic mountain ranges. is offered into three activities. "E" stands for Extreme, Economic and Educational. "A" for Adventure and "T" for Tour. All these activities take place in Danao Adventure Park located at Barangay Magtangtang 72 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and about 2 hours ride away from the mentioned city. They started December 2008 and have thrilled guests with their exciting activities. 

Here are the details you might need when you visit Danao Adventure Park.

You first register at their main office and pay for parking plus entrance fee per person.

Provide your name and info but the payment for activities will be at the activity center which is a few meters away. 

The Plunge (Php 700) 
70 meter drop and swing.

Suislide (Php 350) 
Zipline with 10 meter walk return zipline back to original jump off point.

Sky Ride (Php 250) 
15 minutes maximum time with 480 meters back and forth with depth of 730 feet.
Photo found on Google
Glass Cliffwalk with Suislide (Php 700) 
You'll need to do the SuiSlide first since you'll need to go to the other side for the Glass Cliffwalk. After the walk, you'll do the 2nd zipline to the main site.

Mountain Trekking (Sea of Clouds Php 300) 
Advisable to arrive there before sunset (around 4am) or when you stay there overnight this can be included with your stay for free. It will start exactly 4:30am it has 3 station but this activity depends on the weather.
Taken from Google

River Kayaking (Php 300) 
1 hour activity with life vest provided for every guests.
Taken from Google

Root Climb with Rappel (Php 400) 
Maximum 1 hour activity with 15 minutes rappel.
Taken from

Baliho Extreme Caving (Php 550) 
It takes around 3 hours and it is one of their extreme activities. Advisable to bring water for this challenge.
Taken from Tripadvisor

They also offer ACCOMMODATION if you opt to stay in the area:

Fan Room for 2 (Php 600)
Aircon Room for 2 (Php 1000)

extra bed Php 200 non inclusive of Breakfast

How to Get There

Book a flight to Tagbiblaran. Go to Dao Terminal/Island City Mall. There are two ways to get there:

  • Take a Tricycle It costs Php 30/trip from wherever you are in Tagbilaran
  • Take a Jeep. It costs Php 7-8/trip. Look for a jeep that has the sign "ICM"/"Island City Mall" or "Dao Terminal"
If you want to maximize your time arrive earlier most especially if you are coming from Panglao. I was only able to do two activities: The Plunge and Suislide.

Danao Adventure Park
Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road, Danao, 6344 Bohol
(0938) 2717523; (0995) 0213106

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* Some of the photos are taken from Google/Tripavisor and was indicated if it were. 

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