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New Japanese Restaurant in Greenhills: Kamameshi Town

New Japanese Restaurant in Greenhills: Kamameshi Town

Kamameshi literally means "kettle rice", it's name originated from "kama" which is traditional iron pot to cook and distribute rice from communal meals after The Great Kanto Earthquake way back 1923. Rice is left to burn a little at the bottom which is called "Okoge" in Japanese. Flavorings like soy sauce and mirin are added to the uncooked rice before steaming. This gives the rice a distinct sweet and salty taste. 

Today, other ingredients like chicken (tori), salmon (サーモン), shrimps (ebi) and shellfish are added to the Kamameshi, one of the most historic dishes from Japan. Kamameshi Town opened its downs early this year and my love for Japanese cuisine attracted to me to this restaurant. The last time I've had any Kamameshi dish was more than 5 years ago in Makati. 

Row of Kamameshi (釜飯)

My boyfriend and I tried this out since it's a new establishment in the area. Love the interior and how they've used Japanese inspired chairs and tables with Japanese pop art deco and bonbori (ぼんぼり) or paper lanterns hung above main dining area which brought me back to the side streets of Japan. 

Located beside Gloria Maris, Greenhills

Orignal Gyoza (Php 160)

Takoyaki (Php 120) 
5 pieces of Japanese ball-shaped octopus snack. It's made out of wheat flour mixture that was cooked in a custom made molded pan. Generously topped with fish flakes.

Gyu Don (Php 290)
Rice topped with thinly sliced beef with sake, soy sauce and mirin sauce. Their mildly sweet sauce made the meat juicier and tender.

Buta Kamameshi (Php 300)
Of course, our visit wouldn't be complete without ordering one of their kamameshi dishes. There are three options: Tori (Php 280), Buta (Php 300) and Gyu (Php 350). I had Buta and I was excited for this dish. We were informed that it will take around 20-25 minutes to prepare this order. When it arrived, I was disappointed. The pork slices were thin, mostly fat and only had a few pieces on top of the rice. My boyfriend knew that I had more rice and less meat to pair with it. So he ordered me additional yakitori. 

Their YAKITORI ranges from Php 60 to Php 250. These grilled veggies and meat are slathered with teriyaki sauce. 

Pork Belly and Squid (Php 80 each)

Chicken Thigh (Php 60) and Chicken Wings (Php 60)

Shiitake Ground Chicken (Php 80)

Shiitake mushroom topped with grilled chicken pâté. The mushroom had a nice bite to it and was definitely a good meal ender.

OVERALL: We were disappointed with their kamameshi which is supposedly the highlight dish but it wasn't worth the money. The flavor was there but it was mostly rice. Their rice bowl on the other hand was a steal. I would recommend you'll order that rather than their Buta Kamameshi. Not sure if it's still the same issue with their Tori or Gyu. 

I have to commend their servers impeccable service. Our server, updates us on what else we ordered that were missing and refilled our glass with water once it was empty. Despite being the last few tables that evening they've kept their energy up. 

Kamameshi Town
Unit W-1F New Gloria Maris Building, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
(02) 570 3242

Kamameshi Town Honten Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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