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Metro Mart x S&R Launch

Metro Mart x S&R Launch
Stefano Fazzini, half Filipino and half Italian spent his childhood years in the Philippines, became a serial entrepreneur and founded two companies. Finding his niche in the internet space, he started, TwitMusic in 2012 and received funding from high-profile venture capital firm, 500 startups and Jungle Venture. TwitMusicC a leading social marketing platform on Twitter is used by over 500,000 music artists globally including Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Carly Rae Japsen, Steve Aoki and many more.
One of the Fazzini brothers - Stefano Fazzini

Faye Navarro (E Commerce Manager of S&R Philippines)
MetroMart shoppers and riders.
In February 2016, together with co-founder Christian Fazzini, started an online grocery and store delivery service with over 50 of the leading retail brands in the Philippines like National Bookstore, Family Mart, Toy Kingdom and Pet Express just to name a few. MetroMart lets consumers purchase and deliver those items to them within 90 minutes.

Now they’ve tied up with S&R a well loved and know super mart that offers imported goods and bulked items.
 Both S&R members and non-S&R members will be able to have their goods delivered to their home from this well-known super mart in the Philippines. This latest partnership made it easier for its consumers. I was fortunate to attend their launch last March 14, 2018 at ASpace Manila in Makati, where they proudly welcomed this significant collaboration. 

Today I tried it out and I'll share my experience with you. 

So I ordered a couple of items from 3 stores: Mrs. Fields, Ralph's and S&R. 

After you click on CHECK OUT, I placed my information: Address, Payment Mode, Preferred Time, Contact number. 

Time Options

I ordered a few items and some sweets for my parents. I ran out of alcohol so I ordered a couple for future use. 🤣 I included the time on each photo for time comparison.

Mrs. Fields
When the rider is on his way.

Once the rider has arrived you'll get this notification.

  • User friendly interface, you can easily search items through "Search products of stores"
  • Items are categorized accordingly. 
  • They'll contact you as soon as one of the items it out of stock.
MetroMart shopper's message

  • More options for certain products (Example. Cotton buds which only had one option)
  • More information about each product. When I was searching for some alcohol, I wanted to know the alcohol content but the information is not available. I needed to search it online before ordering.
  • Can't really monitor the delivery, there is no tracking system. It just indicate "We're Shopping. Your personal shopper is on the way to the store to pick up your items". It doesn't indicate if it's done with 1 or 2 stores or which store they are at. 
What you'll see once you click track your order.

What I learned:
  1. Once you create an account you automatically get Php 100 credits.
  2. The delivery fee for your first order is FREE. After that, it's Php 40 for orders below Php 1,000 for each store you order from. If you've reached Php 1,000 and above then you'll get FREE delivery.
  3. There's a shopping fee per store and the rates depend per store. (Php 80-Php 120)
  4. For non-S&R members, there's a 5% fee on top of your total (S&R) bill.
  5. Ordering from 2 or more stores can affect their 90 minutes delivery goal.
  6. On top of the delivery fee there is a shopping fee too which depends on each store you order from.
  7. Store availability will depend on your location. Once you choose your district or barangay, it will show you the stores within your area. 
Since I attended the launch, we were shown what the usual process were like the delivery guy will say their thank you spiel which he didn't mention. Although Kuya Jomar was nice throughout the delivery I was expecting he'd say the spiel. Next one was the shopping bag, at the launch we were shown that our orders will be delivered in a MetroMart eco bag, which my orders weren't placed in one. It was delivered how the products were bought. 

Kuya Jomar from MetroMart.

I was actually happy and surprise they were able to deliver the products from 3 stores only exceeding 12 minutes. I would recommend this app to people who is pressed for time and doesn't have energy to go out buy items at the grocery or some establishments. Their merchant is also Tous Les Jours which is perfect when I don't have time to buy cake for an event. 

Top to Bottom: Ralph's,  S&R then Mrs. Fields

Metro Mart for now (they listen to their customers and their coverage widen) the following locations around Metro Manila:

Mandaluyong City          Makati City          Manila City
Quezon City          Muntinlupa          Paranaque
Pasay          Pasig          San Juan          Taguig

They also have over 50+ partnered merchants. Again it depends on your location where those merchants are available. Here are some of the merchants:






Sign up for your account today: MetroMart

For delivery needs, contact their customer service:

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