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Korean Sool

Korean Sool

Korea is home to many unique of home brewing techniques using various ingredients and types of soil. Specific bottles and glasses for drinking are accompanied by a variety of food. Scholars have a book of rules for drinking etiquette during ancestors offering and guest entertainment. An example is holding glass with two hands when someone is pouring a drink and another is turning the body away from elders when drinking.

Drinking culture is also accompanied by games like the use of a dice looking toy called "Juryung-gu" popular among nobles during the Shilla period. In very early Korea, the tribe Buyu was known for singing, dancing and drinking the entire day and night during "young" festival.

Sool (alcohol) is an important part of Korean history whose influence can be found in language expressions, gestures, toys, games and arts. 

Jingsung demonstrates how to pour soju and the reason behind it.

Ingredients of Soju (L-R) Rice. Nuruk. Water. Flavoring.

Last February 8, 2018, we were invited to Korean Sool event in Korean Cultural Center in Taguig. They had activities that attendees can join. I of course chose wine making session 😂. 

2:00PM Korean Snack (hangwa) making workshop
4:00PM Opening Reception
5:00PM Makgeolli (rice wine) making workshop

Jingsung Chun shared her knowledge about Korean culture and you'll see how passionate she can be when she talks about her country's history and what it has to offer. She brought soju from Korea so the crowd can try it out. 

Different kinds of Soju with various alcohol percentage.

  • 500ml water
  • 500g rice (steamed rice instead of using a rice cooker)
  • 40g-50g of nuruk (this can be purchased in any Korean Store or online - *the one that looks like soil*)
  • Plastic container (cleaned, sterilized)

Jingsung taught us how to mix the ingredients.

After adding the rice in the container, add the nuruk next.

Then water and mix everything together without crushing the nuruk.

READY to go!

We were informed that once we arrived at home that we need to open the cap half way and let it sit in room temperature away from sunlight for 3 days. After 3 days, close it completely and let it sit for 7 days more. 

Once the 7 days are up, using a cheese cloth (I bought one at the grocery for Php 182) - we need to strain and drain the ingredients leaving just the liquid part. Then it's ready to drink. You can chill it if you want to - which I did.

After 10 days, here's what happened to my wine mixture: 

Jingsung mentioned that we can drink it either mixed (white or creamy sediments and clear party - 2nd photo) or just the clear part without the creamy sediments at the bottom. You can do that by slowly pouring the clear part in another container or a cup if you are going to drink it immediately. She mentioned that with the ingredients and portions we used during the activity makes the soju or makgeollii contain around 15% alcohol. 

I will update you regarding the taste. Looking for a time to drink it with a friend 🤣🤣

Jingsung Chun handles if you want to know more about her.
You can follow her IG and FB too.

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