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ULI Coffee Beer for a Cause

ULI Coffee Beer for a Cause

It was such a pleasure to witness the launching The Brewery and Hineleban Farm latest amber brew creation called Coffee Beer. ULI Coffee Beer stemmed from the love and passion of Arabica Coffee grown and harvested by the indigenous community in Kitanglad and Pantaron of Bukidnon. 

Renee Araneta Perrine and her husband started Hineleban Farms back in 2008 from there they've helped the local communities to have work and earn to feed their families. They were taught how to cultivate and grow these beans then later on other vegetables that were sold to local and international market. 

Each glass of beer ULI Coffee Beer (selling at Php 120 plus service charge per 300ml glass), Hineleban Foundation will receive Php 25 donation from The Brewery at the Palace. Hineleban Foundation gives support and financial assistance to the locals and rebuilding the forest of Mindanao's mountain ranges.

You can also purchase their coffee grinds in all Healthy Option branches. The only local coffee product in the store. Love our own. When you buy a bag of coffee, you are entitled to name a tree using it's GPS Tree ID and encode it on this website:

The decorations used in the venue are environmentally friendly pieces.

Renee Araneta Perrine, Founder of Hineleban Coffee

Rajesh Sadhwani, President of Feastbev Inc.

 Oliver Ellrote, The Brewery's master beer brewer from Germany

Delicious food served by The Brewery  

Coffee Beer and a bag of Hineleban Coffee Grind.

Further information from the marketing team. 

Hineleban Coffee is cupped as Excellent by Marty Curtis with a grade of 86.25. During the Global Specialty Coffee Expo last April 2017 in Seattle. Marty Curtis is the one that invented the Specialty Coffee Association cupping scoring sheet and parameters for grading specialty coffee.
The Brewing Process
It starts from the mashing of grains, hops and water to make wort. The beer wort is boiled with hops (and other flavorings) in a large tank known as a “copper” or brew kettle. Fermentation comes after that by adding yeast. After fermentation, beer is conditioned, matured or aged.

The Technology
The Brewery At The Palace is the very first bar and restaurant with its own microbrewery. Its equipment came from SALM, one of Europe’s oldest and known manufacturers of brewing machines. Its machine guarantees to manufacture the best lagers, wheat beers, and beer specials by using decoction and infusion brewing methods.

The Output
Uli is a golden yellow lager beer infused with Hineleban Coffee from Bukidnon. It has a wonderful coffee fragrance and extraordinary coffee taste combined in a fresh craft beer. It naturally contains caffeine as part of its mix. Beer and Meal pairings include Beef pot roast, Chili con rice, Beef Rendang or Flourless chocolate cake. Uli Beer Specifications - Original gravity 12.9 %, ABV (Alcohol By Volume) 5.5%, IBU (International Bitterness Units) 24

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