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Oy! Croqueta

Oy! Croqueta

Oy! Meet the food explorers! 

"With every food comes a story; and a story comes from every food."

The Guys - Xavi Rovira, Julen Aierdi and Jonas Pons

Just like their predecessors - The Spanish explorers - Oy! Croqueta co-founders Jonas Pons, Xavi Rovira and Julen Aierdi travelled the world in search of new adventures. Their discovery of the Philippines diverse recipes and ingredients amidst beautiful sceneries like mountains and pristine beaches was a dream come true. This free spirit country with friendly and cheerful people made these food explorers feel happier that they made it into their 2nd home. 

This warm hospitality propelled these food explorers to come to create the Paella Croqueta - a combination of the best ingredients and recipes from Spain with that of the Filipino ingredients and flavors. This inspired them to infuse Filipino favorites to their croquetas. They've single handily created flavors that Filipinos will surely love and also making certain it is affordable for every Filipino. They want to provide good quality dishes without breaking Pinoy's wallets. 

They opened OY! Croqueta last month, December 2017 in South Arcade, SM Mall of Asia. In which they introduced these yummy variations: Teriyaki, Gulay, Adobong Pusit, Valencia Pinoy and (my personal favorite) Lechon. They have three kinds to choose from: Poppers (10g - dessert flavors Nutella and Matcha)Croqueta (20g) and Croqueton (60g) these are the savory croqueta flavors. 

What makes their croqueta different is instead of mashed potato they used rice and we all know how much Filipinos love rice. We were able to try all of the flavors except for Gulay (because we were so full). Surprisingly it was really good and filling too (most especially their Croqueton variant). I suggest to try all of the flavors in Croqueta form first so you'll know which one you liked best. Their lechon had a chunk in the middle that fancied my love for meat and I liked their Valencia Pinoy too which makes me want to drink sangria for some strange reason. 🤣

I really liked their desserts too. They will soon release their Peanut Butter popper so look out for it. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.

Short intro from Aussy (Marketing Team)

Croqueton per piece at Php 55 each

Croquetas for 2 pieces at Php 45

Poppers for 3 pieces at Php 30

Solo Meal (1 croqueton, 2 croquetas and 3 poppers) at Php 123 

Barkada Meal (3 croquetons, 6 croquetas and 9 poppers) at Php 369 

Rolling these babies before frying.

Matcha and Nutella 

Rest after frying

Draining each one, so it wouldn't be too oily 

Uberly cute packaging. Kudos for these brilliant idea.

Solo Meals are ready to serve

FUN FACT: How did the Spaniards traveled to the Philippines centuries ago? It's through galleon hence the inspiration for their kiosk design. This is the structure for their flagship stores. 

South Arcade, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines 1300

Oy! Croqueta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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