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BAKERĒ Café (ˈbāk(ə)rē or pronounced as bakery) a family style restaurant that offers delicious baked goods and home cooked meals. The name was inspired after Rj's, one of the owners of of the establishment, mom named Elenor. His mom loves to cook for them and the rest of the family. His mom started out baking and selling her goods from their home in New Manila back in early 2000s. Since they moved to another location, they needed a physical location that customers can pick up their orders and dine in as well. Hence, the name BakerE was born. 

Cafe Latte (Php 140 hot / Php 150 iced) Their coffee grinds came from UCC with a special blend just for them. It was aromatic and smooth. My kind of coffee! 

SALAD The serving size for their salad is good for 2 -3 people. They use fresh ingredients and each salad was drizzled with a specific salad dressing that was suitable for each kind of salad they offer. 

Carbonara (Php 245) the sauce was watery compared to the creaminess of Truffle Cream Pasta (Php 390). On their carbonara they used their own  

Lasagna (Php 375) What makes their lasagna standout is their custom mold that cooks each lasagna evenly and enables them to make the sides crispy. I wish though they will add more cheese (I love cheese hihi) but still a good dish to try out.  

BXU or Butuan Lechon Sandwich (Php 335) One of their highly recommended dishes, they take pride in roasting and slicing their own lechon. 

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Php 285) I love the ooziness of cheese. They used different kinds of cheese to add more depth and floavor to the sandwich plus the bread they used was soft and completed the whole experience. 

Spam and Egg Bowl (Php 245) Lightly caramelized Spam (also know as tocino style) with rice and eggs. Best part they use Japanese rice my favorite kind. I find the combination perfect but some may prefer brown rice instead of white rice. 

Grilled Chocolate Ensaymada (Php 185) They used our local version of Nutella called Nutino. Which was less sweet compared to Nutella so it wouldn't class with the toasted ensaymada.  

Grilled Ensaymada with Bacon Jam (₱165) Bacon Jam consist of bacon bits, vinegar, sugar and other ingredients that worked well together that wasn't as overpowering when you first hear the word jam. This time placed on top of lightly toasted ensaymada.

I think I found my new favorite cupcake called Cheesecake Cupcake. It tastes like childhood aka Lemon Squares but better. It's chewy and highly addictive too. I ate two in one sitting I might be able to some more if I didn't stop myself. It is Php 70 per piece, Php 330 for box of 6 and Php 550 for box of 12.

Cafe Latte (Php 140 hot / Php 150 iced)

Tomato Soup (Php 140)

Asian Chicken Salad (Php 195)                      Goat Cheese Salad (Php 245)

Truffle Cream Pasta (Php 390)                                 Carbonara (Php 245) 

Lasagna (Php 375) 

BXU or Butuan Lechon Sandwich (Php 335)

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Php 285)

Spam and Egg Bowl (Php 245)

Grilled Chocolate Ensaymada (Php 185) 

Cheesecake Cupcake (Php 70 per piece, Php 330 for box of 6, Php 550 for box of 12)

By the way, they also sell Bacon Jam (Php 350) separately. Great with eggs and eggs. 
Three Brixton Building, 3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City1603
(02) 452 2503

BAKERĒ Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato BAKERĒ Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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