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Wanli District

Wanli District
I had to do something in the morning so I only had free time in the afternoon.

It’s a two-hour bus ride from Taipei. I went to Taipei Main Station. On the left side of it, East Gate 3, there’s a bus station. I took the 1815 and it goes straight to Wanli District.

Got off the Yehliu stop and walked for 8 minutes to my first stop Yehliu Geopark. Entrance is NT$ 80 (Php 133.22 or $2.65 - used EasyCard to pay). The Geopark highlights the amazing rock formations around the area. Queen’s Head, Sea Candies and Fairy Shoe are some of the well-known formations. It’s also a great workout.

Trails and bridges connecting each geological wonder. 

After Yehliu Geopark, I walked around and saw the Yehliu Fisherman’s Port.

You’ll see several restaurants that specialize in seafood cuisine. You know for sure the seafood is fresh when you eat here.

On my way back to the bus station, I stopped by 85ºC to grab a refreshing drink. It was 33ºC that time so I ordered a Rainbow Smoothie for NT$ 55 (Php 91.59 or $1.62).

It was a day well spent. 🙌


NT$ 96
Php 160.55 / $ 3.18
Taipei Main Station – Yehliu Stop

NT$ 96
Php 160.55 / $ 3.18
Yehliu Stop – Taipei Main Station
Yehliu Geopark
NT$ 80
Php 133.22 / $2.65

NT$ 55
Php 91.59 / $1.62

NT$ 327
Php 545.91 / $10.63

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