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Taiwan 2017 (Part 2)

Taiwan 2017 (Part 2)
This was my second time going to Taiwan and this time I was on my own.

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, you must buy an EasyCard, it can be used for transportation (train, bus, cabs), purchasing food (selected establishments, check out their site: EasyCard) and entrance fees (museums, parks, cultural events and more).

My first flight was with Cebu Pacific. I took an evening flight and arrived the next day. It’s the same with AirAsia. So if you’re coming from the Philippines, that’s the usual flight schedule. The flight is around 2 hours, meaning I arrived in the wee hours of the morning at around 2:30AM at Taoyuan International Airport. Usually, public transportation starts at 6AM and I don’t want to spend NT$ 700-1,200 (Php 1,165-1,998 or $23-$39.50) for a cab ride to Taipei. I opted to sleep in the airport while waiting. It gets really cold based on my previous experience so I brought gloves, a mini blanket, and thick socks.

Just find these benches and find a spot 😁

 Free airport WiFi and charging stations..

TIP: Make sure to get a data SIM or pocket Wi-Fi. It’s easier to go around the area with it. I got mine for NT$ 500 or Php 832 / $16.50 that’s good for 7 days, LTE unlimited data with 150 minutes local calls.

Here’s my itinerary for 6 days. Just click on each day to see more detailed info.

Day 1: Checked in at hostel then went around the area. I only had a few hours of sleep so I didn’t want to do any strenuous activities.

Day 2: Wanli District (Yehliu Geopark, Yehliu Wharf)

Day 3: Wulai District (Old Street, Waterfalls, Atalay Museum)

Day 4: Nanya and Juifen Old Street Tour (Nanya Rock Formation, Pitou Cave, Bay of Two Colors, Juifen Old Street)

Day 5: Guandu District

Day 6: Flight back to Manila

I stayed at Taipei Design Hostel and I wasn't happy with it. Bed bugs and the place wasn't clean. Look for other hostels, hostels or AirBnbs to stay at. 

Taiwan has a lot to offer and I wouldn’t mind visiting again in the future.


Php 4,598.00
Baggage Add-on *
Php 2,943.13
Terminal Fee (NAIA 3)
Php 1,620.00

*Strongly suggest getting an add-on baggage. AirAsia is extremely strict with their 7 kg baggage allowance. I had to pay double at the airport (TPE) 😢

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