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Caffe La Tea Congressional

Caffe La Tea Congressional
The first ever branch was built in Mabini, Cabanatuan City in July 2012. They offer a wide range of drinks from coffee (Php 60-Php 155) to milk teas (Php 74-Php 155) to even fruit teas (Php 55-Php 119). The choices are endless. For their milk tea, I just feel they aren't as generous when they come to black pearls or jelly. I've tried this place before and it's still the same. Like one teaspoon of pearl per drink. Maybe it's just me.

Not only do they have drinks they offer delicious affordable meals.

Their salad were fresh and light. Great appetizer to start your meal: Okinawa Salad (Php 180) and Asian Salad (Php 180).

Sisig Rice (Php 119) - MY FAVORITE! I couldn't stop eating it. Malamis lamis sisig! They also have a sizzling plate version.

These pasta dishes were creamy but somehow lacked flavor. Needed more seasoning: Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil (Php 185) and Creamy Chicken Pasta (Php 185). As for Gambas & Mushroom (Php 175), it was seasoned just right. Liked the shrimp was fresh too.

Crispy Binagoong Rice (Php 119) I liked how the binagoong didn't overpower the viand it was there to add flavor to it and enhanced it somehow.

Cheesy Beef Nachos (Php 180) and Deviled Tofu (Php 145) are perfect for sharing and with a bucket of beer.

Salted Egg (Php 199) it was tasty due to they sauce they used and it's nice take on salted egg flavor.

My only issue was they only have cash payment method. I really prefer credit card. I don't like bring cash with me around.

Caffe La Tea
 #16, Congressional Ave, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

0949 889 7792

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